Friday, November 02, 2001

It's been so long, I forgot what my password was! Silly me.
Typing is still a bit uncomfortable since my running accident the other day. My walking is getting better, though still pretty funny looking. But lying around all day is sooo boring!! I need to do stuff. Yesterday I tried that is pretty interesting with a bum right foot, let me tell you. I tried to ignore all the horns honking at me...

Yes, I will recover. Hopefully by Sat (tomorrow) when the huge rage will be at my house. I missed the last party, so I hope I won't have to miss too much of this one.

My last day of work was suppossed to be on Wednesday, but seeing that I couldn't walk, I decided to cancel Tuesday night so Monday turned out to be my last day. I am sad cuz I really liked working there. But now I'll have time to concentrate on graduating...less than two months away! December 16 is the big day!!

Alright, gonna slowly get my day started...with as much as my foot can handle at once...