Friday, August 03, 2001

Things are going very well. Not going into any details, though. I have been crazy busy with my class ending, music building work, and mostly the cafe. Until now, I think I was only awake in my apartment for about 3 hours since Monday afternoon. My main concern right now is that I have to move out of my apartment in a week and a half and I have no place to go!! Ahh!! I will try calling this one place today. Just down the street from where I am now. I really like this area and would like to not move too far away.

What else to say...meeting new people is fun. I have been a little more social recently. Always a good thing. It makes work go by much faster. I love it when people I know come to visit. That helps the boring nights go by much faster. Alright this is short cuz I need to go to work at the MB (last day!!!!!) Lets hope this time I don't get held up for 45 minutes while my boss person is "at lunch".

That's all folks