Friday, July 13, 2001

it's been a while. rather than making an update of sorts, i'll just kinda not write about a lot of things in detail.

my brother is home. the NY thing wasn't quite what he expected. i started my cafe job for real. I really like it. Cool people to work with and very cool regulars. my one class is kinda a joke right now. I just feel like I should show up and that is all. I got 100% on the first test, and have been doing the assignments very well too. I wish I had started taking summer school classes two years ago!! much easier than dealing with a course for a whole semester.

my mom and brother came to visit today. while Matt took a test, my mom and i headed to the surrounding land. and that is just about all there is to see. there were some amish people (our intent was to find a whole "flock" or community but only ran into a handful of 'em) The most interesting to my mother was this area called the Arboretum on campus. very pretty there. I like it there a lot. it is very peaceful.

so i met someone tonight. a cinema arts cafe regular. i also met someone last night. firend of a friend. i'll keep these things short, keep you guessing. don't want to say too much.

a'ight. i'm done for tonight. time to read Drowning Ruth. So far I really like it, but I have no idea how I'll finish it by the time it is due. ah well. i finished angela's ashes though. very good.