Thursday, July 05, 2001

one of my classes ended today woohoo!! That leaves 3.5 until I graduate from skool.

wow! i am writing two days in a row, aren't you happy?? i don't have too much to update. is it wrong to be interested in a friend that you've known since high school?

i saw the champaign fireworks last night. pretty spiffy. but nothing compares to the Chicago fireworks from a boat on Lake Michigan, or seeing them from one of the higher floors in the Sears tower. I did both of these things once....

a'ight that's all. hope this kept you interested :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

i haven't really had much to write about, that is why there have been no updates. but, i'll catch you up on life since last time. first off, i started working at the coffee shop for real on sat. lucky me, i had to work alone for the first 3 hours!! i had no idea what i was doing since it was my first day. but, the people were all really nice and patient with me. and left good tips :) that took up most of my weekend, having to work all of saturday afternoon and all of sunday too. but i got to meet a lot of cool new people and i get paid for doing it :) :) :) money is a very good thing. especially concidering i have about $6 to my name right now.

otherwise, i have been keeping my distance from certain people because i need to. some people either intensionally or unintensionally try to hurt me, i think, so when i feel that coming i just like to be away. why put myself into situations where things will be strange and awkward? anyway, it is probably me just analyzing things too deeply.

i read Tuesdays with Morrie over the weekend. I really recommend it to everyone. it makes you think pretty deeply about yourself and others. it makes you see things differently. and i just started Angela's Ashes. so far so good. it will take a while to get through that one, though.

hmmm. no gossip about boys...haven't been going out. i did have a funny situation happen on friday night, though....i was out with some music people and we went to a party when the bar we were at closed....well, a guy that I had previously "met" was there and he came over to talk to me and it turns out he knows one of the people I was with. i don't know if the way i described this makes sense to anyone, but i can't add too many other details. need to keep this pg-13 rated....

that's all folks. hope you enjoyed