Tuesday, June 26, 2001

haven't really had all that much to write about. my weekend was fun and exciting at home. i stopped by camp on friday. i really miss that place. but it was time to move on. three years of being a counselor there was plenty. but it was so beautiful! everyday, every activity is overlooking lake michigan. i have to wonder how many days i was there without appreciating the lake for what it is worth. saddy.
anyway, i went to a counselor party on friday night. strange...i never went to any parties while a counselor. lots of fun. i was able to see people and things a lot differently than i would have last year. yeah......
6 days to go in one of my classes! yay! and then all i have left is a pretty easy class, mostly common sense stuff about life (childhood, young adult, etc).
addressing another situation very vaguely, it seems funny to me that the people or persons that used to know you best all of the sudden seem to not understand you at all. i got an email from a person i was once very close to. communication was always a big issue and once i actually said my true feelings i got shot down and insulted many times. but who cares? i sure don't. that time of my life is over. no regrets. i have grown very independent in the recent months and am not at all effected by the response. just need to say, again, get the pole out!
so that about catches you all up since last time. hope you enjoyed :)