Wednesday, June 20, 2001

i can't believe how tired i am! i think the heat just won't let me wake up anymore. i need to get to bed soon, though....i got a job!!! i have to be at the Cinema Arts Cafe at 6:45 tomorrow morning. Argh! Waking at that hour will definitely not help fix my sleeping problem. but going home (real home) will be good :) yes, so that i just part of my good news for today...getting a job that will pay pretty well. and then, i had an interview to set up an internship for first semester, and everything worked out totally well with that too! Yay! So, even though i'll only have 3 classes in the fall, i'll have 2 jobs and an internship. so not really a break.

mike came over again for dinner. we went to the store and picled up some pizza...really good new stuff from tombstone - mexican style. but i had to kick him out because i had to compose an invention in the style of bach. Now, you have to wonder. The masterpieces that composers such as bach composed were not written under time pressure. their magnificent works came to them in moments of i don't see how the professor can expect anything fantastic.

today's run was kinda strange. i did my usual laps around the park, but on the first time around, i noticed to cop cars pull into the entrance as i was heading towards it. then, as i was approaching them the second time, they had just handcuffed a guy and were leading him back to the squad cars. doesn't make me feel too safe in the area...good to know the cops are checking the area out, though.

Lisa is heading off to Spain tomorrow....well, to LA and then onto Spain. I really wish I could come visit her like i did last summer, but i have no idea what the rest of the summer has in store. Especially now that i have a job and will possibly be starting another in two weeks. Funny thing is that Paul will be in LA tomorrow through the weekend shooting something for his show but they won't be able to meet up. All the while I'll be sitting pretty in Champaign. Yipppeeeee.

That's all, folks

Monday, June 18, 2001

in comparison to last week, this week is already a lot more hectic. i had to compose a canon for class today, so i spent most of the morning figuring that out at the out of tune pianos in the music building. then before i knew it, it was time for class. that was pretty boring. then after class i went over to timpone's to see if they were hiring. turns out that the person i handed my app. to was the person who does the hiring, so i had a sort of interview on the spot. then i had to get to work at the music building. i am so thankful that Yolanda took me back! I needed something to do and i really need money bad. since it is only about 3 hours a week, i still have time to devote to another job, so lets just hope timpone's comes through.
i have a different interview of sorts tomorrow...for a possible internship in the fall. i hope this comes through too, because i really would love it. and i still need to make sure i am taking the right classes first semester that will get me done and outta here in december. that has to be one of my major prioritys....can we say 8:30 tomorrow morning, i'll be at the las office??
Other than that, Yolanda seemed to get a kick out of my website. i hope everyone enjoys it as much a she did :) and, i'll try to take her advice and add more gossip to this journal...
and, because adriank wanted to be mentioned, i have to take this time to send out a hello to him. by the way---i hope you figured your computer out!
that's all. more work to do now. yippee.....i thought this was summer!

Sunday, June 17, 2001

just testing something...
i really love the song "don't make her a ho" by wyclef. now, the lyrics aren't that pleasing, but whole mood of the song is really enticing.
this weekend was more or less uneventful. now that is no surprise. i was planning on just being a total bum the whole time...i rented 4 movies to get me through the weekend. i ended up only getting through 2 - Citizen Kane and Chasing Amy. CK was really good. I rented it once before but i fell asleep pretty early on. anyway, what happened was my old friend mike got back into town on friday. we got dinner at the urbana pub and then i went to listen to his final practice for his senior recital. (really good!!) anyway, that took all of friday night cuz we went back to "the Office" afterwards...watched the Lakers win - ERRRRR!
what about sat?? well, i ran 7 miles in morning! Yay! this i two weeks into the virtual marathon training i am doing. then was mike's recital....i had to be the page turner for the piano player for the last song. now i know why i changed my major. i fear screwing up infront of people. i think i was more nervous as page turner than both mike and marc were performing!
anyway, i need to stop playing around on the computer and do some work. yes, that's right. i have three assignments due for one class and a test. oh well. three weeks to go.