Thursday, June 14, 2001

Oh saddy! I just wrote a really long and exciting blog with lots and lots of gooey gossip but I lost it! I have learned my lesson not to depend on the computers in the music libray anymore! I guess that is why they aren't meant for doing web-things.

Anyway, a quick recap of what I had written: Things haven't really picked up for me at all since I last wrote. Classes started on Monday and they have been keeping me really busy. I hav e my first exam on Wed!! Moving so quickly. My HDFS class is pretty cool. So far I like it. Half of the football team is in the class. Kinda shows the difficulty and the reputation of the difficulty of it...haha. Last night I went with a friend to see Emily in her play at Parkland. I really enjoyed it, but there were some parts/punchlines that I didn't quite understand. The air-conditioning was broken there. I was sweating like a pig....i can't imagine how the performers were feeling! Thenwe headed over to Val's and hung out until everyone was ready to go to Boltini's. I had been there, so I knew what it was like. I don't think the other's had been there. Anyway, aside from all the clowns and dolls around, I really like the place. Ron was there, so that was cool. So was Lyle and Eric. Matt, just letting you know about your friends....

I just ran into Shanka!! I haven't seen her since my birthday way back in March!!! Yay! I will have to make sure to call her soon and we'll go get dinner or something. And that reminds me that I should get in touch with Lauren too. I think she is here this summer, but i haven't run into her at all yet.

Alright, that wasn't half as gossip filled as my first attempt today, but it'll have to do.