Friday, June 08, 2001

well, my life hasn't gotten any more exciting since i last wrote. yesterday. i worked really long on my website, and i think it is almost done. just a few things to fix up. anyway, i had a job interview yesterday. i haven't heard back from them yet, so i guess i will call in later.
last night was pretty fun. i watched the mtv movie awards with some friends and then went out to a local bar with Val. It kinda sucked a lot at first but then picked up by the end of the night.
i have the virgin suicides here and i guess i'll watch it later. and then most definitely enjoy the friday night with some friends. i just really need a nap or something. five hours of sleep a night won't cut it anymore.
hopefully my boring posts will get more exciting once classes start.

Thursday, June 07, 2001

So I don't really have much to say. I am at school right now and things are really, really, really boring. I mean, there is a lot to do, if I wanted to do it....but who has the energy to do things you don't have to do? I worked on my website all morning, but I still want to change it around a lot.
Hmm, what else....I went out last night with Katherine and Val. We had a lot of fun. They did the Karyoke while I cheered them on. No way am I gonna get up there and sing too. No matter how much I did or did not drink.
Yeah, that is about it for now.

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

So this is the first blog I am writing. My wonderful brother Wolf introduced me to this site. So far, I really like it. More later.